Skip a little, jump a little.

The anti-thesis Why do I travel? I find myself asking this question a lot. Is it because there is a checklist to tick off and then fuck off from the face of the earth? That can't be it. Why do I travel? What do I seek? What do I remember and what do I take … Continue reading Skip a little, jump a little.


In fidelity

Things used to be simple. The set of ethics used to fit into black and white boxes.  Nowadays I make it a point to mention to new people I meet, that honesty matters. Let's be honest, have the time of our lives and then go our own way. Charades are inconvenient.  But then I think … Continue reading In fidelity


18:05: The lonliest part of the day. The part that makes you want to....makes you want to what? Belong? Be asked? How does it work? What happens when you put a face to that lonliness? Start having endless conversations with her in your head? Validations.  What if it's not mere lonliness? You know how the … Continue reading 18:05