In fidelity

Things used to be simple. The set of ethics used to fit into black and white boxes. 

Nowadays I make it a point to mention to new people I meet, that honesty matters. Let’s be honest, have the time of our lives and then go our own way. Charades are inconvenient. 

But then I think why’s it so important to me. What does even fidelity mean. We all have secrets. Would I like to be cheated on? Would I cheat on someone? Probably. I am an “in the moment” person, who doesn’t factor in future consequences. I’d trade it for the adventures in the now. If it’s two consenting adults, the onus lies on the person in the relationship. Not the other person concerned. 

This is what my friend told me. I hope she remembers this if she gets to know that her lover held me, and I held on too. 

Till morning broke. 


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