Let It Flow!

There hasn’t been any dearth of information whenever I’ve googled about menstrual cups. The roadblock? When I type in questions like: where do I find it in India? 

Even though big houses sell it, they were out of stock and I was finally redirected to a site which goes by the name of shycart.com. I really wish the name was a little bolder. 

I’ve been trying to be environmentally responsible lately. The tampons and the napkins were piling up on me. Then my friend told me that she actually uses a cup and her convincing powers are pretty strong. 

This was followed by a lot of online video watching and article reading  about how to wear one. Last year, I tried using tampons. And God it was a horror. I think i cried for two months, thinking I didn’t have a hole down there. Well, some are just tight. Relax, breathe, don’t piss the hole off, don’t try fidgeting just after sleep, and you’ll be fine. In all probability, you have a hole. Else I guess the prejudiced society would’ve shunned you at birth anyway. 

I woke up really excited as I realised that it was time to finally use the cup. The problem is with insertion of soft cups. Have you been with men with a flaccidity problem? Yes, it’s quite a similar situation. 

So, day 1 attempt 1:

  • It will slap open halfway through and the entire thing will pop out.
  • It might seem a little directionless at times. You’ve got to spot the track. You can put your fingers in to see which way they go. It’s definitely not horizontal or vertical. The canal’s more towards your back. So imagine where your bum is or the end of your spine and go along that direction. 
  • Your vajajay will feel a little sore after so many trails. 
  • Once it’s in, don’t let anyone fool you into believing that that’s it. IT NEEDS TO OPEN UP. Ensuring that is a little difficult. So I’m going to go back a little later and try again. I am thinking that once the rim is inside, it’s best to let it upen up and slide the rest of it in. 
  • I might have to wear a napkin today if I can’t ensure that it’s opened up.

It’s been a much more relaxing experience than the first time I tried squeezing a tampon in. But it’ll take a few more attempts to get it right. 



P.S.: forgive me for not using the technical/biological terminologies. It’s more because of my ignorance about the names and how I refer to them in my head that I’ve written this way. Not trying to circumvent the ‘coy’ topic.


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