A normal day

I've been a terribly fussy birthday person. I get depressed and overtly self critical and end up thinking that people around me are being fake for the sake of the day. Till last year, I used to believe that it's not a life worth celebrating. Have things changed drastically that I don't feel that way … Continue reading A normal day


A November morning

In a few hours, the otherwise "too big for one soul" house will be bustling. Maybe I'll not have time to gather my thoughts. Maybe I should write now.  I've promised myself that I'll write a letter to my older self every year. I must feel braver. I must know that I tried. And thus, … Continue reading A November morning

Dreams and lovers from yesterday

Im 23. There have been two significant relationships in my life. The first love- the boy. And then the whirlwind- the girl.  I broke up with the boy three years ago. I've attained full closure and it wouldn't hurt me if he were to get married tomorrow. The girl told me she'd stopped loving me … Continue reading Dreams and lovers from yesterday