The animal farm

One month.

It seems like a significant amount of time to observe people and places and transitions. 

Or, perhaps not.

For now, time’s unravelled a little about some of the souls concerned. 

So, I came into this new place. A heaven of sorts, coming from places I was in for the last 3 months. Let’s see how the transition happened:

1. The disapprover: the past disapprover has become a bit liberal if I might say so. But the fear of being judged amuses me. Makes me feel better about myself. Can do with. Maintain distance.

2. The significant two: there are two in this space who have stood out and taken shape. 

A. The perfect woman: the idolisation is fading but the woman remains perfect. Even though she laughs a little too loud. I like her free spirit. Probably I’ll never become like her because I’m not quite the butterfly.but so smart. So adept. She’s more humanised now. More real, and not a figment I talk to in my mind. She’s a nice person. She ought to be. 

B. The friendly dash of sunshine: not so naive, not so perfect. She started off from there. She might be a narcissist and self obsessed with the world revolving around her. I don’t know how fun to hang around with. Be aware. 

Then there are the rest. The nerdy schoolboy who kept staring at the blackboard in school, the little punky guy, the overachiever, the head girl, the i don’t give a fuck woman, the sensible fun guy, the guy about to grow up, the sincere woman with perfect balance, the geeky blogger. Human dynamics are strange. 

Even they probably categorise me like this. Maybe they don’t. They don’t have the time. I sat yesterday and realised that a month has passed. And it’s really funny how people change from the first time you see them and how you perceive them to be. It is very very strange. Am I judging poeple and compartmentalising them? Yes I am. Even though I hate labels. But the point is, it is in human nature to do so. To see, perceive and accumulate. I think it’s more important to keep an open mind even after these inferences. 

Humans surprise you all the time.


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