Sudden Prancings

I think my people skills have just been going downhill. I was always a shy kid. The one to run hide behind something if relatives visited. My mom would have to drag me into the drawing room for me to seek these people’s blessings and before they could ask me questions, I’d disappear. 

On the last day of college, the professor I’m close to sat me down and said to me “you’re painfully shy”. Well, I was aware I was shy, but never “painfully” so. Am I a pain to people when I’m this shy? God knows. They sure are to me when they don’t break the ice. 

So the point of this post, as the title would tell you is about sudden encounters. If someone suddenly walks up to me and asks me something, I go blank. It might just be the time that the person is asking for, but I’d stutter to say it out. That day at the railway station, a girl walked up to me and asked me which platform a certain train would leave from. Sudden panic and mind goes blank. I’d just have to check the app and tell her. And I’m a pro at it cause I use it all the time. The impatient person obliged me by typing in the relevant details instead. And when she was finally gone did I come back to my senses. 

Why am I sharing this suddenly? Today at office the same thing happened with the person I report to. She’s one hell of a person and I act like a fan girl internally. So she came and simply asked if we were to sit today for a meeting. You can imagine the stuttering. Sometimes I fear I appear rude at how bluntly I reply. When I began to tell her about the document I had procured that we would need for the project, I forgot the name of the document itself and kept scratching my head and puckering up my face to remember. She kept laughing.

Thank God for that. I laughed a little too and then finally remembered that it was called a ‘resource plan’. 



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