The Awkward scheme of things

Hello reader. If you’ve stumbled across this, chances are you’re a fellow awkward yeti/ta/to/tat (however you’d like to identify) out there in the world.

So what’s this all about? Of late, my diary seems very constricting and restricting when I try to pen something down. It’s like staring at a desktop wallpaper of a wall. However beautiful the wall might be, it restricts my thoughts. I prefer a wallpaper of the universe instead. It lets me know there’s space to breathe.

Plus in this addictive digital age, where we are constantly in the need to be connected, you feel like being heard. I cannot speak to people most of the times and it leads me to ramble way too much as a drunk yetita. I don’t like it. I’d like to speak a little more, knowing that someone out there will perhaps read it, satiating the constant need to be heard.

I travel alone and spend most of my time alone nowadays. I’m focusing on growing up and being ‘alone without being lonely’. So yes, I get the point. And to release the sadness or the need to be heard, I want to write. And perhaps connect to the whole lot of socially anxious people out there who might feel a little better when they can relate to me.

It really is a journal of sorts and will contain varied themes. So I’m not here to do anything in particular but to find my way.

I hope you find yours.


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