The animal farm

One month. It seems like a significant amount of time to observe people and places and transitions.  Or, perhaps not. For now, time's unravelled a little about some of the souls concerned.  So, I came into this new place. A heaven of sorts, coming from places I was in for the last 3 months. Let's … Continue reading The animal farm


Day dreams

I actively dream a lot. Like A LOT. I imagine these situations where I have these full length conversations with specific people about things I want to talk about. Or situations. I play them out in my mind. I would do this before only during the junction between sleep and wakefulness. Now I do it … Continue reading Day dreams

The loop

Hello darkness my old friend. I don't exactly know if I suffer from depression and anxiety. My friends who have been 'diagnosed' seem to describe a whole new place. I know my darkness is not that intense.  I know I've controlled my fears to a great extent by travelling. It helped me let go. Slowly. … Continue reading The loop


Sudden Prancings

I think my people skills have just been going downhill. I was always a shy kid. The one to run hide behind something if relatives visited. My mom would have to drag me into the drawing room for me to seek these people's blessings and before they could ask me questions, I'd disappear.  On the … Continue reading Sudden Prancings


The Awkward scheme of things

Hello reader. If you've stumbled across this, chances are you're a fellow awkward yeti/ta/to/tat (however you'd like to identify) out there in the world. So what's this all about? Of late, my diary seems very constricting and restricting when I try to pen something down. It's like staring at a desktop wallpaper of a wall. … Continue reading The Awkward scheme of things